herbal cigarettes

Do you ever smoke herbal cigarettes? Well, many people would surely wish for an alternative to cigarettes.

Because smokers people always wish for a genie in a bottle, that would allow them to continue enjoying their habit of smoking without any fear of cancer.

So the herbal cigarettes are the alternative and sometimes called homemade herbal cigarettes.

It’s that kind of magical thinking that’s fueling heavier use of it.

Unfortunately, these alternatives cause many health risks as traditional cigarettes and some may be even worse.

As the popularity of this cigarettes is increasing day by day, people use this cigarette in place of traditional cigarettes.

There are several factors to consider using these cigarettes.

But the question arises “what are herbal cigarettes”? Before further going let’s discuss herbal cigarettes.

What are herbal cigarettes?

What are herbal cigarettes?

Herbal cigarettes are simply a form of safe cigarette that does not contain any tobacco. In this, many types of herbs are used to make a smoking blend.

Many people smoke these cigarettes as an aid to prevent smoking the traditional cigarette.

These cigarettes are also called tobacco-free cigarettes or nicotine-free e-cigarettes.

It usually does not contain any tobacco, instead of being composed of a mixture of various herbs and plant material.

However, these cigarettes are considered a “non-smoking aid. These cigarettes are also used by performers who are non-smokers.

All herbal cigarettes in traditional Indian style are wrapped in Tendu leaves and they are tobacco-free and nicotine-free smokes.

Are herbal cigarettes bad for you?

Are herbal cigarettes bad for you

Some people use herbal cigarettes and thinking that they are a safe alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

In this case, it is very important to investigate the safety of smoking an herbal cigarette.

Now, one question come in mind, are herbal cigarettes bad for you? Well, these cigarettes are sometimes called safe, non-addictive alternative to tobacco smoking.

In simple words, we call these cigarettes safe.

But, these cigarettes contain no tobacco and therefore no nicotine, the drug in cigarettes that causes people to become addicted.

Just because a cigarette is natural, nicotine-free, tobacco-free does not make it safe.

O yes.. this type of question always comes in mind that these cigarettes are tar free cigarettes.

So let us know about the health problem by using herbal cigarettes

Health problems of herbal cigarettes

Here are some of the major health problems of herbal cigarettes which make it almost as dangerous as the tobacco ones.

1.  Allergic Reactions

 Allergic Reactions

One of the commonest health risks of herbal cigarettes is the possibility of severe allergic reactions.

These reactions are caused due to some specific herbs that are the main ingredients in it.

Allergic reactions from an herbal cigarette can develop gradually while in others it can occur all of a sudden and become severe in nature.

The reaction is started with a small rash and end up poisoning an individual.

Many cases have revealed that some allergic reactions were so severe that emergency medical care was required for relief.

2. Poisoning with carbon monoxide

Another common herbal cigarette health risk is that it leads to carbon monoxide poisoning which proves fatal in most of the cases.

As the gas starts to collect in the body it results in nerve damage, paralysis, asphyxiation and even causes the patient to fall into a coma.

If a pregnant woman smokes this herbal cigarette, then this can result in the death of the fetus in the womb itself.

3. Development of major diseases

Development of major diseases

Just like tobacco cigarettes, the health risk of herbal cigarettes to includes the increased risk of major diseases of the heart and lungs, including cancer.

When you smoke an herbal cigarette, then the smoke enters the lungs. The harmful chemicals and tar in the smoke destroy the lung and heart tissues and cells.

Moreover, when the tar starts to accumulate in these major organs, it starts to block them and leading to fatal diseases associated with the heart and lungs.

Studies reveal that the ingredients which are used to make these cigarettes can enhance the growth of cancer cells.

Benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes also have some major benefits. This is why many people have started opting for it even after knowing about its health hazards.

Benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes

The major benefit of smoking an herbal cigarette is that, as compared to tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigars are safer and healthier due to certain herbs in it.

Some of the herbs are used to make an herbal cigarette and they are quite dangerous for the human body.

But, several other herbs in it promote good health in the long run.

The ability to treat certain diseases with the help of herbs present in it is an additional benefit of smoking an herbal cigarette.

Herbal cigarettes eliminate the addiction to tobacco and nicotine which is quite common in tobacco cigarette smokers.

Due to no addicted to cigarettes, it becomes much easier to stop smoking herbal cigars in the future if anyone wishes to.

Herbal cigars can calm down the mind because of the herbs that are present in it have a soothing effect on the nerves.

It has been proven that some benefits of smoking an herbal cigarette every day include reduced stress and anxiety.

Another benefit of using it is that it strengthens the body’s defense mechanism.

Also, it improves the capacity to fight various diseases with ease.

The presence of lemongrass in herbal cigarette helps to treat several infections in the respiratory tract while also providing relief from congestion and the common cold.

One of the major benefits of smoking an herbal cigarette is that it helps to soothe a sore throat and also improves the voice quality of the person who smokes it.

Many studies reveal that smoking herbal cigarettes is beneficial for improving the digestive system.

The presence of certain herbs makes the cigar quite healthy, which aid the body’s digestive system to function optimally.

Since herbs like cloves, chamomile flowers, and rose petals these are some of the ingredients which are used to make herbal cigarettes.

It also gives a pleasant smell as compared to tobacco cigarettes which leave a foul smell and bad breath in your mouth for hours.

Best herbal cigarettes brands

Well, all natural cigarettes have the same health risks of inhaling tar and carbon monoxide as tobacco cigarettes.

These include respiratory problems and the poisonous effects of carbon monoxide from tar sticking to lung tissue.

Here is a list of some of the popular and best herbal cigarettes brands that are safe cigarettes.

Their ingredients, potentially deceptive advertising claims, and possible adverse reactions from smoking them:

1. Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes

Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes

The ingredients of Nirdosh herbal cigarettes are Basil, bedellium, bishops weed, cinnamon, clove, galangal, licorice, tendu leaf, and turmeric.

The website of the company shows the health claims for eating the ingredients, not for smoking them.

The package claims that the clarity of the mind, throat, sense organs and lightness of the head are the features of correct smoking.

Also, they are based on some obscure writings from ancient Indian text.

The report of the Western Journal of Medicine is that smoking cigarette containing cloves can cause bronchitis, hemorrhagic pulmonary edema, and pneumonia.

2. Green Tea Cigarettes ( American Billy 55)

 Green Tea Cigarettes ( American Billy 55)

The Ingredients of Billy 55 green tea cigarette is Green tea from Vietnam.

Billy 55 is a new company that has created a herbal cigarette made purely of green tea cigarettes with no nicotine.

While new in America, it is been commonplace in Vietnam for at least a few decades, which is where acupuncturist and Billy55 founder Ranko Tutulugdzija found it.

The health benefits from drinking green tea cigarettes, such as its anti-oxidant properties are touted as also occurring from the smoking of green tea cigarettes.

3. Honey Rose Cigarettes

Honey Rose Cigarettes

The ingredients of honey rose cigarette is Flowers from red clover flower, leaves from the marshmallow plant, petals from the rose bush, honey, and fruit juices.

These cigarettes are available in the flavors of “blue,” cherry, chocolate, clove, ginseng, menthol, strawberry, and vanilla.

The manufacturer says that these cigarettes are a “natural way” to stop smoking and the advertising implies that natural flavors are somehow safer than chemical additives.

Natural clove flavoring, when smoked, creates eugenol. This chemical is a hepatotoxic substance, that may cause allergic reactions and damage to the liver.

However, natural vanilla also contains this chemical.

4. Ecstasy Herbal Cigarettes

Ecstasy Herbal Cigarettes

The Ecstasy herbal cigarette ingredients are Damiana, wild “opium” lettuce, catnip, passion flower, the leaf of lotus, corn silk, licorice root, mint, menthol (for the menthol blend only), natural flavors, and plant essences.

The company website lists the therapeutic benefits of some of the ingredients which occur from ingesting them as the same effects occur from smoking them.
Like all the herbal cigarettes, there are dangers of the tar and carbon monoxide inhaled.

The effects of smoking the other ingredients are not yet tested sufficiently.

5. American Indian Herbal Cigarettes

American Indian Herbal Cigarettes

The ingredients of American Indian cigarette is Camellia sinensis, chrysanthemum, Fructus Momordica, honeysuckle, lotus leaf, mulberry leaf, and purple perilla.

American Indian cigarettes are the tobacco-free and nicotine free cigarettes in the world.

It is made from an ancient, sacred and unique blend of herbal ingredients.

This ancient blend doesn’t contain any artificial additives, harmful reconstituted tobacco, or toxic flavors unlike those found in other brands.

These herbal cigarettes are comprised only of sacred herbs that produce a relaxing flavor.

The manufacturer says that American Indian cigarettes are the highest in quality in the world. The effects of smoking these ingredients are unknown.

6. PgO Herbal Cigarettes

PgO Herbal Cigarettes

The ingredients of PgO herbal cigarettes are 100% Artemisia leaves from Korea.

The manufacturer claims that Artemisia stimulates the appetite and relieves indigestion.

And it also claims to be the only herbal cigarette that is FDA-approved.

A research study was not able to verify in published scientific studies, any health claims of this product.

7. Organic smokes

Organic smokes

The ingredients of Organic smokes an herbal cigarette is “Holy” organic basil and organic camellia sinensis.

However, the claims are this herbal cigarette is a detoxifier, has anti-aging effects, relieves jet lag, is stress relieving, cures a cold, causes rejuvenation, and is a throat cleaner.

Organic Smokes claims that to offer smokers this kind of relief they would otherwise seek in regular cigarettes, but without the accompanying health risks.

Smoking these ingredients have not been tested.

8. Chakra Herbal Cigarettes

Chakra Herbal Cigarettes

The ingredients of Chakra herbal cigarette is Herbs, tendu leaves, and natural vanilla. Smoking this “bidi” style of herbal cigarette is relaxing.

Chakra herbal Cigarettes are 100% natural smoke. In fact, it is non-addictive and made with herbs. Moreover, chakra cigarettes are known for their relaxing properties.

This herbal tobacco-less and nicotine-free smokes are perfect for a relaxing evening after a hard day, or whenever you feel like a relaxing smoke.

Smoking these ingredients need further testing for safety.

9. Vanilla Herbal Cigarettes

Vanilla Herbal Cigarettes

Vanilla Herbal Cigarettes are those cigarettes that are mild. In fact, it has a subtle aroma and gives the taste of vanilla.

These vanilla herbal cigarettes are made from herbs, petals, cloves and also the flavor of vanilla. It is guaranteed that this cigarette is nicotine free which is made in England.

Moreover, vanilla cigarettes have a tar level of approx 6 mg and it is packaged in a Flip Top box.


Herbal cigarettes are safe and nicotine-free cigarettes. As you read above, I hope you get the answer to the question ” Are herbal cigarettes safe than regular cigarettes?”.

After reading this article you will be aware of these cigarettes and their health-related problems. In this article, all the brands have tobacco-free herbal cigarettes.