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Before moving toward the American airlines booking and reservations process, we need to clear a lot of things and douts, and here we discussed all. American Airlines is one of the largest Airlines in the United States and its headquarter is located in Worth, Texas and by flying with this Airlines you will get a lot of extra benefits and services that you never get in other airlines. If you want to fly with extra benefits and services from anywhere in the USA to anywhere in the world then visit AA Airlines official reservations portal and compare prices and book a ticket. But along with a flight ticket if you need some extra assistance or advice and want to get a flight ticket at the cheapest rate then you can approach to any independent travel agency, an independent travel agency with their American Airlines reservations phone number. If you want to know more about American Airlines and its reservations and booking process or services offered by AA airlines then must read this complete post.

History of American airlines

American Airlines is now one of the largest airlines headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and founded on April 15, 1926; 94 years ago. But the airlines started their operations with the union of more than eighty small airlines and it originated from 2 major airlines which are Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air Transport. These two airlines were created in 1921 in Missouri and then the airline was turned into American Airways in 1921. In 1934, Due to new laws and attrition of mail contracts, most airlines were forced to reorganize airlines that’s why the airline renamed again as American airlines. After some time, American Airlines merged with US Airways for international exposure and now became the most trusted and largest airline worldwide.

How to book a flight on American Airlines?

Looking to reserve a flight on American airlines? Or want to know how to reserve it then find here the detailed steps to book a flight online via Booking flights from for various domestic and international destinations is much easier as compared to other platforms. To make American airline reservations, you just have to go to the American Airlines official site then enter your itinerary details and find the list of flights. Here we have mentioned the detailed steps of the booking process with American airlines. Find the below-given steps to book a flight for your favorite destinations.

  • Visit or American Airlines’ official site.
  • Choose the type of trips from Round trip or One way which is required.
  • Also, you can select on Redeem Miles to book an award flight.
  • Enter your From & To city or airport, Number of adults, Depart & Return date, and Children.
  • Then click on the Search button.
  • After that, You will get the list of resulting flights as per your needs.
  • Choose the flight and seat as per your budget and then enter your personal and contact details.
  • After that, make the payment from the payment options given by American airlines. Also, you can apply the promo codes to get discounts on flight tickets.
  • Then, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email and you have to confirm it.
  • Save your flight ticket for future boarding.

American Airlines Inflight Amenities

American airlines provide various amenities and services while onboard. The amenities you will get will be based on the route, fare type and cabin class. Find lots of amenities details which you will enjoy during the flight.

Priority Services: Prevent from most airport-congested areas by using speedy check-in, security and boarding services. For check-in, just use the security checkpoints at the gate and board fastly to be seated comfortably. If you reach late at the airport then join priority boarding lanes which are only available for first or business class passengers or elite status members. You can enjoy these privileges only if you have booked upper-class cabins flight tickets or earned elite status.

Premium dining: Enjoy a great dining experience with lots of elite chef-curated cuisine options on the menu. Order your choice of food before the 24 hours of the departure on Get complimentary drinks with your premium dining including beers, wines and spirits.

Inflight entertainment: Enjoy various movies and TV shows and steam your choice of music on your personal devices. Just install the American airlines app and connect your device to the Wi-Fi network of American airlines to stream your favorite content freely.

Inflight Wi-Fi and Power: Find high-speed wifi facility only for upper-class passengers. Connect to the wifi by choosing the network of American airlines “gogoinflight” on your phone wifi settings. Also, find charging and USB outlets under your seat.

Earn Elite status: Get various different benefits when you earn elite status by joining the American airlines AAdvantage program.

How to Manage your bookings with American Airlines?

American Airlines has the option to check or find reservations on its official site which manages to book. Managing bookings with American Airlines is as simple as making American Airlines Reservations. You can manage the booking online through the American Airlines website and Mobile App both. With manage booking, passengers can change/cancel the reservations easily. Also, if you made mistakes in your reservation then you are eligible to make modifications in your itinerary with manage booking. You just have to retrieve your booking then do the prompt changes in your bookings. Find the procedure to retrieve your trips and make the changes.

Manage booking on

  • Visit or American airlines official site.
  • Go to the “Find your Trip” option.
  • Enter your first name, last name, and Confirmation / Record locator.
  • You can also try searching by ticket number instead of Confirmation / Record locator which should match the passenger name.
  • Then click on “Find your trip”.
  • All your bookings will be displayed on-screen and you can choose the booking which you want to modify, change or cancel.

Manage your booking with a mobile app

  • Download the American Airlines Mobile App from the app store and google play store and install it on your device.
  • Now, Open the American app and click on “Find Trip”.
  • Then enter your flight details to retrieve the booking.

Things to keep in mind

  • To manage the booking 6-digit confirmation code or record locator is required which are mentioned on the ticket and confirmation email that was sent when the reservation was made.
  • The change will be made to those reservations purchased via
  • If tickets are booked through a travel agent then approach them for changes.
  • The trip should not be an AAdvantage award trip
  • The trip should not have multiple reservations.

American Airlines Check-in Options:

American Airlines allow you to check-in using various check-in options such as online check-in, mobile check-in, curbside check-in, kiosk check-in, ticket counter check-in at the airport. For international flights, it is advised to reach the airport at least 3 hours prior to your flight departure time.

Online and mobile check-in is the best, easiest and time-saving way. But you can also use curbside check-in or kiosk check-in to speed up your check-in process apart from using ticket counter check-in. You need to have an electronic ticket for curbside check-in.

Online check-in (Web check-in): Check-in online from which will be starting before 24 hours and ends 45 minutes before the departure of the flight for domestic flights. For international flights, online check-in will end 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. After the check-in process completion, you will get the e-boarding pass on your PC.

Mobile check-in: Just install the American airlines app on your phone and choose the check-in option. Mobile check-in will start before 24 hours and ends 45 minutes before the departure of the flight for domestic flights. For international flights, mobile check-in will end 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. Mobile check-in completion will let you save your mobile boarding pass on your mobile device.

Curbside check-in: Most US airports have the option for curbside check-in at the airport. Curbside check-in will start 4 hours before and ends 45 minutes before the flight departure. Get your printed boarding pass with American airlines after the curbside check-in at the airport.

Self-service kiosk check-in: Check-in will be allowed via kiosk machines before 24 hours and ends 45 minutes before the departure of the flight. After the Self-service kiosk check-in,  you will get a printed boarding pass to board your flight.

Ticket counter check-in at the airport: For international flights, passengers must be reach at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your flight departure time. Get your boarding pass from the ticket counter after the check-in for American airlines.

Passengers must have to arrive at the airport for baggage check-in before 45 minutes of flight departure time within the U.S. For outside the U.S, must reach at the airport for baggage check-in before 60 minutes of flight departure time.

American Airlines Baggage Policy

Bag fees are nonrefundable even if you are entitled for free baggage after purchasing an upgrade. In case you have been incorrectly charged, you can contact an American Airlines representative for help or file for a refund claim within 45 days.

Usually, you can carry up to 10 bags on Domestic, Transatlantic, and Transpacific flights and up to 5 bags on flights that have connections with Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Brazil. Checked baggage size and weight allowance on all flights is a maximum of 62 in/ 158 cms (L+W+H) and not weighing more than 50 lbs or 23kgs. However, if you are flying in First or Business class, you can carry up to 70 lbs or 32 kgs.

You may be able to take up to three baggage for free depending on your elite status at the time of making your American Airlines Reservations or checking-in.AAdvantage, Aviator and Citi cardmembers may be eligible to check in their first baggage for free on a domestic flight. This is also applied to AAdvantage Gold, Oneworld Ruby, confirmed business, and premium economy customers.

AAdvantage platinum pro, platinum, Oneworld sapphire, confirmed business and premium economy customers are eligible for two free baggage check-in on flights to certain destinations. It gets even better for customers traveling first class on a three-cabin flight, AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Oneworld Emerald, Active U.S. military with ID on a personal trip. Executive Platinum and Oneworld emerald may also be able to check in a fourth bag for free. Active U.S. military and or dependents with ID traveling on orders can take up to 5 baggage for free.

Charges vary on factors such as the number of bags, destination/departure region, season and goes to a maximum of $200. If the baggage is oversized or exceeds the permissible weight, additional charges are applicable accordingly.

In case there is a delay in receiving your baggage upon arrival at your destination, inform the agent at the airport and obtain the 13 character file reference number that would be used for future reference and filing for a claim. Baggage can also be tracked from the time it is checked in until the time you arrive at your destination. While there are restrictions on claims, one could request reimbursement when their baggage is delayed or lost.

How to Avail deals on American Airlines

American Airlines offers a lot of great deals on flight tickets, vacation packages, activities, etc. to almost 1000 destinations and a wide network of partner airlines. They bring to you some of the best deals through which you will be ready to go on an adventure ride across the world to your dream destination.

To know the latest deals and offers available, go to AA deals and offers and click on the offers you would like to explore further. For example, if you are looking for ‘Vacation Packages’, click on the latest vacation packages listed or you can also search for more deals by clicking on ‘ shop fares by city’ on Likewise, you can also click and check the best offers available to you category-wise.

If you are looking forward to using a tool to make your experience a notch further, try the Plan Activities tool. You can also explore extensive packages for a basic destination. Furthermore, remember, you could use Miles to book some of the best experiences and miles can be earned through Delta Airlines Purchases or other everyday purchases by using an appropriate American Airlines Amex Credit Card. In case you are running short of miles, simply buy additional miles and book your dream vacation filled with adventurous activities.

Passengers Queries

How to make reservations with American Airlines?

American Airlines allows you to book your flights easily from There you have to provide your travel details and look for flights as per your needs and budget. You can book your flight with American airlines until 2 hours before the departure of the flight only.

What are the cheapest days to fly with American Airlines?

To fly with American airlines at the cheapest price, you should book your flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for USA flights as American airlines lower the prices on these days. Usually, for international flights, weekdays are cheaper than weekends.

How to buy a flight ticket on American Airlines?

You buy your flight tickets with American airlines via which is one of the most convenient options for booking. Also, you can purchase American airline tickets from the ticket counter at the airport, from online travel agents or by contacting reservations center representatives of American airlines.

How to reschedule American Airlines flights?

American Airlines allows you to change or reschedule your flight only once without any change fee for another date or time.

Can flights be Cancelled on American Airlines?

Yes, passengers can cancel their reservations with American airlines by paying some cancellation fees which will be dependent on the types of tickets you have purchased. Flight tickets will be canceled under some terms and conditions of American airlines cancellation policy.

Is American Airlines booking Full flights?

American Airlines now resume their all flights and booked full capacity without any social distancing.

Is American Airlines cheaper at the airport?

No, Almost airlines do not provide cheap airfare at the airport same as American airlines also not offer cheap flight tickets at the airport as compared to other platforms like and other third-party search engines like Kayak or Google Flights

How to print flight tickets on American airlines?

To do so, you just have to login into your American airlines account or you should enter the passenger name and record locator on Then you will find the option to print your flight ticket. So, follow the on-screen prompts to print your flight ticket of American airlines.

How to change American Airlines flights for free?

To change an American airline flight, you should go to manage booking where you can find the option to change/cancel your trips easily. You can change your flights without any fee only for once with American airlines.

Why dial independent American airlines reservations phone number +1-833-803-0002

To know anything about American airlines like a method of booking, learn how to manage American airlines booking, available booking classes, inflight or out flight services, checking process, refund policies, number flights, schedule as well as to know many many other details and cheapest American airlines flight ticket you can dial independent American Airlines reservations phone number +1-833-803-0002 and talk with an one of the reputed USA based travel agency, they will help you in getting American airlines flight ticket at the cheapest rate as well as provides you all necessary information about American airlines that you need. So anytime from anywhere in the USA if you need any kind of information related to American airlines then call on the above-discussed American airlines customer service number.